Luxury Suite


36 sq ft (6’x6’) room with an elevated cot bed


Retreat Suite


24 sq ft (4’x6’) room with an elevated cot bed


Standard Suite


16sqft (4’x4’) room with a Sherpa bed


Mini Suite


8 sqft (2’x4’) room with Sherpa bed


Only for dogs under 30lbs

No shared space option


Economy Lodging


Appropriate sized crate with Sherpa bed

No shared space option

**Playcare activity required



Daily housekeeping, standard activity and potty breaks included.



Your dog will be get multiple play sessions in small groups throughout the day. Play groups will be based on size and temperament


Private Playtime

This is a great option for dogs that don’t enjoy socializing with other dogs or can’t participate in group play. Each private playtime will be 20 minutes of one on one time with a SNIFFERS team member.


Geriatric Package

We know that our senior guests need more attention so we have a package designed just for them. Our Geriatric Package includes 4 potty breaks and 3 stretch and mobility breaks and extra bedding/changes.  Medication fees waived.


Enrichment Training

A 10 minute focused training session. We will focus on the behavior of your choice: sit, down, place, here/target


Cookie & Kong 

An appropriate sized Kong stuffed with peanut butter and a cookie


Snuggle Time

A 10 minute one on one snuggle time with a SNIFFERS team member


Extra Potty Breaks

An extra potty break at 8am, 12pm or 4pm




A shampoo & towel dry



Wonder Plum Spa Bath 

Special Wonder Plum shampoo is high in amino acids and antioxidants. Perfect for you dogs skin and to strengthen your dogs coat!




Blueberry Facial


The perfect add-on to your bath! Contains coconut oil, jojoba, aloe blueberry exract, avacado and vitamins. The perfect solution for getting rid of pesky tear stains.



Flea & Tick Bath


Get rid of those pesky pests! 



Nail Trim



Full Groom

Please call for details!