Motivation (N.)

the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way

Take the first step towards a well behaved best friend!

Leash Pulling?

We can help your dog learn basic manners including loose leash walking, sit, down, recall and stay.


Having an anxious or fearful dog can make life together less than enjoyable. We can help create more balanced life for both you and your dog.

React or growl at other dogs?

There are many reasons why dogs exhibit these behaviors. We get to the root of the problem and create a plan specific to your dog.

Other behavior issues?

Each dog is an individual and past experiences and lifestyle can result in unwanted behaviors. Our trainers can help resolve these problems.

Board & Train

Leave your dog with us for an intensive learning experience. We’ll customize the focus of your dog’s education based on individual needs and preferences. While staying with us, they’ll also take advantage of the other services and activities at SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat all while being cared for by our caring team.

Puppy Package

Proper socialization and the foundations of training are often overlooked by many new puppy parents. We have developed a special 4 week package for puppies up to 6 months of age. We’ll work on socialization, manners, enrichment, crate training, grooming and reinforce potty training all while allowing for ample play and nap times.

Day Training

Drop your dog off in the morning and take them home in the evening. Their day will be filled with learning and fun. Our day training will take place Monday through Friday. We’re open 7am – 7pm on weekdays for your convenience.

Private Lessons

Do you want to imporve the relationship you have with your dog? Some one on one time with one of our trainers will not only help teach your dog  manners, it will also help you communicate more effectively with your pooch. All good relationships require communication!

Sniffers is amazing and I would recommend them to everyone looking for help with their pets. Laura and Hilary gave my dog a plan that was tailored to her needs and have been with me every step of the way after she returned home. All of the concerns I had with my new dog were addressed and she is now a well-behaved dog. Not to mention, my dog absolutely loves Laura and Hilary. I would go back to Sniffers in a second. I HIGHLY recommend Sniffers!
Heidi M

Washington, DC

The owners at SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat have a long history of animal training. They met each other while working at Smithsonian National Zoo, where they cared for and trained animals on a daily basis. In addition to working with and training exotic animals including marine mammals and wolves, Hillary and Laura both grew up riding and training horses for both competition and pleasure. With Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology, both with an emphasis on Animal Behavior and Physiology, and experience working with dogs on a daily basis since 2008, they have developed a successful dog training program! SNIFFERS believes that building a trusting relationship, helping the dog to gain self-confidence and make good choices through basic training and socialization is the key to resolving many common behavior problems. The focus of our training program is to help dogs and their owners live a fulfilled and stress free life together. The relationship that is built between a dog and it’s family is the most important aspect of training. Solid communication is the foundation to any good relationship. Our training program provides a “language” to communicate clearly with dogs. Many times, the source of a behavioral problem is a lack of clarity for the dog. We teach owners how to clearly communicate what is wanted, as well as what is not with their dog. We know that clearly rewarding good choices creates a dog that is well behaved when at liberty and is motivated to listen. Each dog that we work with is treated as an individual. There is no one size fits all program. Just like people, every dog learns and is motivated differently.  We prefer to teach by motivating dogs to learn. Our approach with behavioral issues is to resolve them from the root of the problem. We know that laying a solid foundation and obtaining fluency in desired behaviors creates lasting results and balanced happy dogs. For this reason, the length of our program varies from dog to dog.