Enrichment (n.)

the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being

Enrichment (n.)

new experiences that engage in new games, giving our animals both mental and physical exercise


Your dog can play all day with friends, toys and play equipment in a safe environment.


Just like us, dogs need exercise to stay healthy. We offer a climate controlled environment for your dog play and burn off energy.


Important to the overall well-being of your dog. interacting with people and other dogs leads to a happier, healthier, less stressed best friend.

Mental Stimulation

Dog’s need variety in their life. SNIFFERS dogs navigate a social environment as well as enjoy weekly enrichment events.

Social Playgroup

Our daycare guests play together supervised by our caring and experienced staff. We separate our groups according to size and play type to ensure that your dog will feel comfortable with his playmates. Our staff is very conscientious and makes sure that all dogs at SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat are in a comfortable and fun environment.

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Individual Care

Our individual care daycare provides a safe place for your dog to spend the day. Each dog stays in one our our idividual suites. This includes individual potty breaks and playtime. It is a great option for guests that need a little more one-on-one attention or are less active.

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At SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat, we use a unique enrichment based approach to dog daycare. Our founders have brought their background in exotic animal training at The National Zoo to everything we do with your dogs throughout the day.

Enrichment: definition, called out as a quote

At Sniffers, your dog is mentally, emotionally, and physically stimulated throughout the day.

We designed our daycare to give your dog exercise and socialize with other dogs in a fun and safe environment. You get convenience and peace of mind while you are away from your furry friend… and your dog gets state of the art toys, play equipment, highly trained staff, and a weekly enrichment daycare event.

  • All dogs attending our daycare have fresh water and beds should they choose to rest.
  • Air purifiers offer a constant source of fresh air.
  • Our webcams allow you to check on your dog throughout the day. You can look in on your dog playing and having fun from your computer or smartphone.

We offer a twelve hour window to drop-off and pick-up on weekdays to make the process convenient for you. We also offer daycare on weekends!

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella.   For social playgroup, all dogs must pass a temperament test and be spayed/neutered (after 6 mos of age). We want to ensure that all our dogs get along with each other so they’re happy at SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat. We also recommend that all dogs are on parasite preventatives i.e. Frontline, Interceptor, Heartguard.

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All new clients receive 3 free days of daycare to use within 7 days of their first visit.  Schedule your first visit!

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Daily Rate

  • Full Daycare fees apply for any daycare over 6 hours. Drop-off and pick-up anytime during our normal business hours.

Additional Dogs

  • Full Daycare fees apply for any daycare over 6 hours. Drop-off and pick-up anytime during our normal business hours.

Hourly Rate

  • Our hourly daycare is for visits of 6 hours or less.  Drop-off and pick up anytime during our business hours. Rate per dog.

20 Pack

$650/20 days
  • $60 savings

  • Expires in 90 days

10 Pack

$330/10 days
  • $25 savings
  • Expires in 90 days

5 Pack

$170/5 days
  • $10 savings
  • Expires in 90 days

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